Large Unprinted Bag Paper Patch

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    S.O.S Bag /Block Bottom Bag / Rectangular Bottom Bag /Gusset Bag/BOPP Stand Up Bag/Transparent Clear Bag


     140 + 90 x 310 mm   

    (Widht: 140 mm  Gusset: 90 mm  Length: 310  mm)                       


     35-40 micron OPP



    (Small Papirus code and logo printed on the bag gusset/side)


     500 pcs per box


    ·         Closable by heat seal, ribbons and clips

    ·         Stands straight/still on its block bottom

    ·         It preserves your products from humidity up to certain points

    ·         Leak proof

    ·         Its block bottom is film patched.


    ·          In stock

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    Ships from worldwide İstanbul, Turkey.

    ·         If you want to try these items, we can send you a few samples. 

    ·         For any questions please e-mail us at info@packempire.com

    This product is used by dried fruits shops, chocolate shops, spices shops, and supermarkets.

    You can put in this product chocolate, cookie, confectionery, cake, spices, candy (sweets, lollies), fudge, halvah, jelly candies, marshmallow, marzipan, macaroon, biscotti, taffy, divinity.

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